Bollards buying guide

Bollards are important for the safety and security of a landscape. There is a whole lot of variety in styles and designs, materials and colors when it comes to bollards. You have the option of choosing a traditional or a contemporary looking style which proves to be functional and aesthetic at the same time.

The following is a simple guide to help you find the right bollard for your requirements

Why do you need the bollards?

Bollards can be used for a variety of purposes. Most people install these to control the access of vehicles. Others might use it to manage the traffic and for security purposes. Sometimes these are simply used to improve the aesthetics of the place.

Once you have determined the use for your bollard you must consider the materials from which it is to be made. It would have a major impact on the material that you choose. If you are looking for security then you need to invest in bowlers which are considered to be high security use. For example these bollards are made from durable material and automatic as well to allow ease of use.

On the other if you are simply looking to enhance the beauty of the space you may choose to buy bollards which simply fulfill the purpose for aesthetics.

Types of bollards

  • Cast iron bollards. These are ideal for use where there is vehicular impact. Destined to be quite durable and robust and come with the high quality finish. You can even get them customized with highlighting logos and crests onto it.
  • Steel bollards. These are ideal for utility use and can also serve a decorative purpose. As suggested these are manufactured from sections of steels which are galvanized using a range of designs and styles.
  • You can choose to go for fixed bollards which can be submerged into the ground. You may even choose plated one switch about it to the surface. Then there are the removable ones with socket adaptation.
  • Polyurethane bollards. These are manufactured from galvanized steel and are engineered using a polymer which is very durable and quite low maintenance. These are ideal to be used in harsh weather conditions because these are resistant to the weathering effect of the heat and cold. These are also available in both traditional and contemporary styles and can be painted a range of colors.
  • Timber bollards. These allow for an open space which is easily accessible for the pedestrians thus providing effective traffic control. These two are available in a range of sizes and can be ordered to be flat, domed or pointed. to increase the visibility of these bollards reflective strips can be attached to it. These are suitable for the rural environment such as a country park, cycle ways and walkways.
  • Concrete bollards are heavy duty and provide the right kind of security and are ideal for deterring vandalism and provide the ultimate security.

Do consider all of the above mentioned information when looking for security bollards.