How to choose the right Stainless Park BBQ Grill

One of the deceptive phrases that cause a lot of confusion with consumers today is the word “stainless steel”. Stainless steel material is nothing special. Over the years stainless steel loses its appearance and lustre, rusts, and discolours.

However, there are unique qualities in stainless steel things, one of which is the stainless park BBQ grill. While a ton of stainless steel park BBQ grills are on the market today, not all of them deliver on the claim.

Choosing the right Stainless Steel Park BBQ Grill

Knowledge is power and knowing what to look for in a stainless park BBQ grill ensures getting the perfect one for your needs. The top things to consider in your choice of stainless park BBQ grill include:

The thickness of the stainless steel park grill

The thickness of the material should be considered when buying a stainless park BBQ grill. A grill made of thicker metal is a better option as it won’t discolour as quickly as grills made of thin stainless steel. The grill’s hardness and overall weight are indications of the thickness of the metal. Pressing the middle hood of the grill is a good way to discover the thickness of the metal. The grill is probably made of thicker metal when it doesn’t budge when pressed.

Assembled parts

Stainless steel grills have a better chance to resist metal corrosion when they are properly assembled. Parts become vulnerable to corrosion when metal parts are only subjected to spot welding. The spot welding leaves the grill’s parts and joints open to corrosion.

Continuous welding is the better method for stainless steel grills. While this feature is something to opt for, grills showing this have a higher price tag compared to lower-grade grills. A grill assembled with rivets and bolts is another option than grills with continuous welding. However, it’s better to avoid grills assembled with rivets or pop-rivets.

The grill parts to look out for are those that are fastened or welded nicely with stainless steel bolts. The bolts should not be magnetic and made of 304 or 316 stainless steel material. Non-stainless bolts in a grill are not a good choice as they can quickly rust.

Grills made of stainless steel 304 and 430 grades

Grade 304 is considered the standard grade of about 50% of stainless steel products in the world. This stainless steel grade is used by the world’s production in buildings, cars, and even cookware.

The superior resistance to corrosion and non-magnetic qualities of grade 304 stainless is a highly prized material. A grill made of 304 stainless steel material is considered a superior and high-end product.

It is because most stainless steel BBQ grills are made with grade 430 steel. Grade 430 steel is not corrosive-resistant and is also magnetic. Using a magnet is the best way for you to determine if the grill is made of grade 304 or 430 steel.

Testing all parts of the grill with a magnet is the smartest way to determine if it is wholly made of grade 304 steel. There are a lot of grill manufacturers that mix different types of metal in the grill and testing all the parts is the best way to get the one you want.

When you install a stainless steel bbq, it is always a smart investment especially when you and your family love cooking outdoors at all times.