Reasons why a bolt-on bucket edge is a better option

Abrasive materials seriously affect the cutting edges of the buckets of heavy-duty types of machinery such as dozers, excavators, and more.

While bucket edges can be permanently welded on, the bolt-on bucket edge is a better option. Here’s why:

Eliminates welding or cutting off a worn-out bucket edge

The bolt-on bucket edge is a modern design that eliminated the fixed cutting edge of yesteryears. Yesterday, removing and replacing a welded-on bucket took half a day’s work that certainly seriously affected productivity.

The bolt-on bucket edge, on the other hand, only needs the removal of the plough-bolts and replacing them with new ones if completely worn out. If not, turning the bolt-on cutting edge to the new edge presents a new edge. This easy replacement or turning takes, at most, an hour to do.

Durability and strength

The heavy-duty grade and double-sided steel design of the bolt-on bucket edge means not having to replace them for a long time. The double-sided steel cutting edge allows turning around a new edge to the bucket when worn instead of replacing the whole thing. Replacement only happens when both sides are worn out. This benefit provided by the bolt-on bucket edge saves money and time like no other.

Increased bucket capacity

The wide bucket or tilt of your heavy-duty machinery gains extra capacity when fitted with a bolt-on bucket edge. This is because of the increased floor length provided by the bolt-on bucket edge that sticks out in front of the fixed bucket cutting edge. For instance, 14.7% increased capacity is provided by the 75mm floor extension given by a bolt-on bucket edge to a 12-tonne bucket.

Eliminates much wear on bucket wrap and side styles

The extended length of the floor also means that the side styles of the bucket’s bottom suffer less wear. Not having a bolt-on bucket edge or a fixed cutting edge fitted to the bucket means replacing the entire cutting edge. This not only means extra expense but also engineering work when replacing the entire cutting edge of the bucket.

The slight lift of the bucket’s entire base becomes possible with the extra thickness provided by the bolt-on bucket edge. This means that less wear and drag is likely to happen when the bucket has less contact with the ground while grading or digging.

Eliminates the need for a rib with the provided rigid cutting edge

The bucket gains a more rigid front with the double thickness provided by the bolt-on bucket edge. Further adding in wear strips and bucket wraps ensure a durable and very stiff bucket. This eliminates the need for a rib that also avoids clogging of materials around it.

Cost-effective option

The strength and durability of the bolt-on bucket edge eliminate the need for replacements for a long time. This is probably one of the most outstanding benefits provided by the bolt-on bucket edge to a heavy-duty machinery owner. The easy and quick replacement of worn components provided by the bolt-on bucket edge also means increased productivity at all times.

Time, effort, and money are saved when a bolt-on bucket edge is fitted to the bucket of any heavy-duty types of machinery. High productivity in the job site is achieved with the uninterrupted work benefit provided by the bolt on bucket edge.