What are commercial rice cookers and how important is it

One of the irreplaceable elements in the Asian diet is rice. No Asian cuisine is complete without rice. However, today, eating rice is not only confined to Asian households as it has become a part as well to western cuisine.

It is because rice quickly satisfies hunger pangs, leaving one feeling full for hours on end. The carbohydrate and starch content of rice is an energy booster as well. With this said, cooking rice properly is a must when you want to make it delicious.

A huge impact is created in the quality of cooked rice when it is cooked by commercial rice cookers. But, what are commercial rice cookers, and what makes them so amazing?

What are Commercial Rice Cookers?

Going the traditional route of cooking rice is good when you know what you’re doing. However, the most efficient way of cooking rice without fuss and muss is by using a commercial rice cooker. A commercial rice cooker allows perfectly cooked rice for one or a large number of people.

Commercial rice cookers are available in gas or electric. However, greater stability and efficiency are provided by the electric models compared to their gas counterparts.

Benefits of Commercial Electric Rice Cookers

While both gas and electric commercial rice cookers provide amazing results in cooking rice, the better choice is the electric models. Why?

If you purchase a commercial rice cooker, you will enjoy the following advantages:


A gas rice cooker stays put in one place, making it an inflexible piece of kitchen appliance. Electric rice cookers, on the other hand, offer flexibility like no other. Moving it around the kitchen or any convenient space when it’s time to cook rice is quick and easy.

It is this top factor that makes electric rice cookers so popular in restaurants.

More heat and energy efficient

While cooking rice using an electric rice cooker may not be as fast as the gas models, it is more heat and energy efficient. This feature spells a bit of saving on your monthly electric bill.

Easy to clean and maintain

The clogging of pipes in gas rice cookers is caused by steam build-up. It means that it needs regular cleaning to prevent this from happening. Electric rice cookers also need to be cleaned after every use. However, cleaning it is an easier task. Some of its components can even be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.

Fuss-free rice cooking

Electric rice cookers provide fuss-free rice cooking all the time. All you need to do is to put the right amount of water and rice and press a button. The heat-efficient electric rice cooker ensures evenly cooked rice minus the stick when you opt for a non-stick model.

Compact and portable

The compact design of commercial rice cookers makes them a space-saving piece of kitchen appliance. Their wide variety of colours and styles provide an aesthetic touch to any kitchen design.

Easy and safe for everyone to operate

A piece of an electrical machine in the house can only be useful if it can be easily operated by everyone. The electric rice cooker checks all the boxes when it comes to a safe and easy-to-operate machine.

Provide deliciously cooked rice all the time

Deliciously cooked rice is guaranteed all the time when cooked in a commercial rice cooker. All types of rice cooking from fried rice to sushi become possible with perfectly cooked rice.