How to transport a cat by plane? Useful tips

Bringing a cat to the plane is not really a simple matter. Unlike a car trip, in fact, during a trip on an airplane the cat will be surrounded by unknown smells, loud noises and the change in pressure. All this could cause a state of anxiety and malaise in the animal .

For this reason it is essential to know what are the good rules to follow in order to understand how to transport a cat by plane and how to make the journey as peaceful and pleasant as possible for him.

Cats on the plane, the advice before departure
The organization of the transport of cats by plane and a trip in their company on this vehicle requires several months of preparation. It is not in fact a simple operation, because there are several variations to be taken into consideration in order to try to make the move for your four-legged friend as traumatic as possible. Before booking a flight with cats it is essential to inquire about the various conditions that this implies, to avoid running the risk of being at the airport and not being able to leave with the cats.

The first essential condition to be ascertained are the conditions in force by the chosen airline . Not all companies make it possible to bring the cat into the air by keeping it in the cabin: it is therefore necessary to make a thorough check to find an airline that allows it instead. Once found, however, it is necessary to know that on board each passenger will be able to bring only one pet , which will have to have more than 3 months of life , not to be pregnant or in heat and will have to remain for the whole time of the journey in the carrier , from which you cannot leave before arriving at your destination.

Like when you are traveling with dogs on an airplane , even in the case of felines, the size and weight of the carrier before departure, so that it is approved for the chosen airline.